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Friday, July 27, 2018

Brother married his sister

We all know that the above person has sent some or any other relationship to us. Whether it is a mother's father. Whether he is grandparent, uncle. That brother is a sister. In all these relationships, the best and lovable sacred relation is considered to be of brother-sister. It is said that a brother can give his life for his sister too. In fact, we all know that in the Hindu religion, the siblings are considered very holy. But an anecdote has come which gives the land to your feet. Yes, the story is that a brother married his sister a few days ago. Let's tell you what is the whole case
Today we are talking about a community of people who marry each other in the same way. Yes, today we are talking about the people of the Dhanawas tribe of Chhattisgarh, India. The people of this tribe do not believe in blood relations at all. So brothers get married in marriage. And the children of the siblings also decide to get married already. For this, they do not need anyone's permission.
You will find it very strange to know that if someone speaks anything against the custom or raises the voice, then the penalty is imposed on it. And the custom rule of marriage of people of this caste is also very different. Where the Hindus take the seven rounds of fire as witnesses and the people of this tribe take water. Hindus worship their devoted gods like God, they worship only tree plants. Even people living in the 21st century, they still go with their old customs. And the people of Dudhwas have been living in Chhattisgarh for a very long time and have not forgotten their customs even today. And still walk on their principles today. And that's why their society is very different from our society today. Which is running on its customs customs.

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