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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why is the rich, happy and generous Sweden changing?

Why is the rich, happy and generous Sweden changing?
Why is the rich, happy and generous Sweden changing?

If you mention the country of Europe in Sweden, what does it matter to you?

Alfred Nobel, Nobel Prize, Dynamite, Bofors, Computer Mouse, Football Team or Musical Band Aba?

Regardless of the identity of this country in your mind, the people of that era have long since been on the liberal character of openness of their society, gender equality and politics.

Where governments do not dream of people's lives, but they are engaged in deciding social welfare, health facilities and transparency.

Even after the queues of exporting weapons, Sweden has not fought any war since the year 1814.

This country, for the development of new technology and new technology, has been a model for decades too advanced Western countries.
Why is the rich, happy and generous Sweden changing?
Sweden's book was made in a TV documentary of the year 1963.

"Sadgah people are the richest in the world, their level of living is high, the government takes care of social welfare, it has eliminated poverty, there are no strikes here, everything here and everybody works. The only country in the world where a seven-year-old child is given a lesson in sex. "

Scale of happiness or prosperity Sweden is counted among the top ten countries over the years. It has been considered as the best place for people of all ages to be young or elderly.

But this identity of Sweden is changing now. "We were very lucky, but now we are seeing problems in the society, it is not necessary that it is related to the migrants, now people feel that my child's school is not well," said a woman in the southern city of Molmo. My elderly parents are not being cared for properly, buses and trains are always running late. So people think that they are doing everything fine but they have the facilities. I can not get it, which was found first. "
Why is the rich, happy and generous Sweden changing?
The political picture of Sweden is also changing. This democracy of the country, which has given liberal identity to the socialist party, is continuously decreasing. For nearly seven decades i.e. till 2006, the roots of this party were firmly grounded.

The coalition, which is in the recent general elections, managed to get a bigger vote than the other coalition, but could not win the majority.

Swedish coalition governments have started becoming accustomed, but this time the party, which has a vocal opposition to large differences, is voted for the Sweden Democrats.

The Bhashma Sarkar of Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University says that winning the 18% vote of the Sweden Democrats can not be a shocking result.

She says, "A survey was conducted last year, so it was an idea that their votes would increase, when there was a migratory crisis in 2015, there were many problems under it, when a lot of people had assembled since then. Their popularity is increasing. "
Why is the rich, happy and generous Sweden changing?
At the time of the 2015 migrant crisis, Sweden showed a very generous stand. One million 63 thousand people applied for refuge in Sweden. Sweden gave place to immigrants against any country in proportion to population. There are more than ten percent migrants in this country with around one crore people.

Professor Bhashmati Sarkar says, "During the 2015 migratory crisis, you will see that the Swedish government took the kind of steps taken by the government of Germany, the migrants were very welcomed, but suddenly when many people came, there were problems in their system. The weather is very difficult, so it was very difficult for the people from outside to be given the place to live. "

Political analysts see the emergence of the Swedish Nationalist Party's rise in the influence of right-wing parties in Italy, Germany, Austria and France.

Five star movements in Italy have done better in the election. The ADF party in Germany managed to reach Parliament for the first time. The Freedom Party in Austria is the government in the Sharq, and Marie la Pen challenges the French presidential election.

Harsh Pant, international knowledge expert, says that these changes are related to the crisis of identity.
Why is the rich, happy and generous Sweden changing?
"Whatever happened during the 2015 Overseas crisis has had a huge impact, it has shattered Europe's identity, it has raised the question that if it continues, what will be the identity of Europe? So, in the case of suspension, in Sweden, there is talk of separation or Swaquitz. "

This time, in the General Election, Sweden Democrats Party leader Jimmy Oxson claims that racism is not tolerated in his party, which is about six percent higher than the previous election.

This party, which gets votes of one in every six persons in Sweden, is changing its identity. Bringing the women and the upper classes together has become one of its priority. But still it is about identifying the voice against the migrants. This party raises demand for separation from the European Union and wants referendum.

Harsh Pant estimates that like the other right wing parties in Europe, this party also wants to raise the base by raising the crisis of identity.

He says, "Certainly there is an anti-Islamist element, all these political parties have been anti-Islamist anywhere, I see this question of an identity. All the countries which used to say that the European Union has identified our identity Covering them, they are so much scared that out of the

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